Supervision: The first steps

I welcome new students who want to work with me. Please consider the following before contacting me:

  1. Read some of my work to answer the following two questions. First, find out whether it falls in the substantive area of research you are interested in. Second, answer for yourself whether you find it interesting and thought-provoking enough to be willing to interact with me.
  2. Prepare a short, one-page summary of what your thesis is supposed to be about, which research gap it intends to fill, and, most importantly, which research question it will answer and how.
  3. In addition to their stubstantive training, I expect all students to have a minimum of analytical and research design skills. For PhD students, I expect at least some training in game theory and basic methodological skills that include familiarity with multiple regression analysis.
  4. If you intend to become a PhD student, please also send me two letters of references by your previous/current supervisors.